The Cincinnati Section of IEEE welcomes you to our web site.

This web site  is based on the ”blog” concept.  A blog is a list of articles (such as meeting announcements and membership news). When new articles are posted to the website, they appear on the Home page in chronological order. In addition, they are posted to the appropriate category of archived articles. As new articles are posted, older articles “fall off” the Home page, but they remain in the archive. This way, you see the latest news on the Home page, and all of a particular kind on news in the archive.

Along the right side of the Home page you will find four sets of links: About Us, Articles, Links, and Feeds.

About Us  provides access to non-blog information including:

Section Officers – Officer contact information

Meetings – General meeting information and schedule.  Current meeting details are available in the Section News articles.

Cincinnati Companies – Links to company web sites of our membership 

Articles provides access to the various blogs including:

Career Opportunities – Job postings we have received

Section News – Meeting details and other timely information

Links provides access to web sites our membership might find useful

Feeds allows our web site to provide an RSS feed to your browser.  If you have a modern browser, you can subscribe to our RSS feed.  It is a great way to keep up with meeting announcements.

Please click on Home in the upper-left to begin exploring,  and remember to add us to your favorite bookmarks.